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Costa Rica To Reach 5 Million Inhabitants in 2018

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica is 110,000 people from its milestone of 5 million inhabitants.

It is estimated that the star baby will be born in March 2018, with a more precise estimate of March 25th at 5:10 pm.

The six millionth would arrive 30 years later and then the population would decrease. 17 years have passed since number 4 million was born. Before that, 11 years passed between 3 million and 4 million.

The day will go down in history and the child will likely face pressure to succeed.

The celebration may have a surprise if the star of the milestone is the child of a foreigner, as many babies these days are.

Some fairly recent changes to birth statistics include that, on average, each woman now gives birth to 1.7 children instead of 2.1 and that Nicaraguans gave birth to 10,000 of the 70,004 births registered last year.

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