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Costa Rica to Host 2016 Latin American Medical Cannabis Conference

Costa Rica News – Does this mean that Costa Rica is thinking about legalizing medical marijuana?

medical marijuana costa rica conferenceThe Latin American Medical Cannabis Conference is scheduled to take place in San Jose, Costa Rica this summer from July 27-29.

Leading cannabis industry members, policy experts and medical cannabis patients from the United States, Colombia, Uruguay and Costa Rica will speak to a number of medical marijuana issues, and will share first-hand accounts of their experiences in the medical cannabis field, according to a release.

According to conference organizers:

The purpose of this conference is to provide education on the subject of the fast-growing Medical Cannabis Industry, and provide first-hand stories from people who have been helping patients using Medical Cannabis.

In Latin American, Colombia and Uruguay have already passed Medical Cannabis legislation and Costa Rica; Chile, Peru, Mexico and Argentina have bills in the works. In the US, there are 9 states that will be voting on Cannabis expansion in November 2016 and there are 23 states already allowing some type of Medical Cannabis.

“If you’re interested in the medical cannabis industry in Latin America or the US, whether as an investor or as an advocate or patient, the Latin America Medical Cannabis Conference is a great place to learn first hand about the many benefits of medical cannabis,” TD Morales of Cannabis Industry Association Costa Rica said in a release.

Costa Rica’s minister of health, Fernando Lorca, will inaugurate the conference. Prominent speakers will include Augusto Vitale, president of Uruguay’s Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis; John Laub, president of the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association; and Yamileth Bolanos, a leading cannabis activist and longtime patient who founded the Los Angeles collective, PureLife Alternative Wellness Center, and the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (GLACA).

Colombia will be sending a speaker from the Ministry of Justice as well, and more speakers will be added in coming days and weeks, according to organizers.

A full list of currently booked speakers can be found here.


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