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Costa Rica to Get Into the Carbon Credit Market

Costa Rica News – The Latin American Alliance of Private Reserves preserves 60% of their properties voluntarily.

PlanËte terre vÈgÈtaleThey are now offering their forests to be used to capture carbon, joining the fight against climate change.

To do this they have decided to go into the market of selling carbon credits on international markets. The payments received are for the absorption of greenhouse gases in their protected forests.

The 200 hectares of tropical rain forest set aside for the pilot program has the capacity to absorb 18 tonnes of carbon annually. Each ton is trading at $3.

Carbon is stored naturally in the biomass of trees and on the ground. Companies can reduce emissions and resort to third party help to get emissions to zero.

Costa Rica’s Network of Nature Reserves protects 82,000 hectares of forest. Columbia and Panama have shown interest in joining Costa Rica in this endeavor.

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