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Costa Rica to Build Large Wholesale Market in Guanacaste

Costa Rica News – The Government has announced that the wholesale market of Guanacaste is to open in 2018.

farmers market costa rica 1President Luis Guillermo Solis has talked to producers on the site in Sardinal de Carrillo, where it will be built.

In just a few days, a tender will be open to hire builders for the work that covers 50,855 square meters. The project will include 36 areas selling fruit and vegetables, 16 for meat, grains and other products, freezers, an auditorium, a restaurant and bank branches.

It will be called the Chorotega Market and be located just 15 kilometers from the Daniel Oduber Airport, in a rural area.

This establishment will be similar to Cenada wholesale in Heredia where producers and traders rent space to sell in bulk.

The idea is that they will no longer need to ship fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood from the Central Valley for families in Guanacaste.

It will also bring employment opportunities and higher incomes to local families.

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