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Costa Rica To Build Housing for Low Income Families

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s government is building 76 towers to house poor families in the province of Cartago.

The first 228 apartments will be in construction in 2017. In total, the 76 condo towers will become home to 900 low-income families.

An initial investment of ¢22,295 million will be made.

The National Institute of Housing and Urban Development issued a declaratory yesterday regarding lowering the cost and speeding up the process.

They hope professionals leading the construction will reduce costs by 50% and that the National Registry and Municipality of Cartago will give priority to the related proceedings.

The land it will be built on is 22 hectares. 12 of them will be used for the apartments and the remaining area will be communal green area.

Each apartment will have 2 or 3 rooms and each building will have 3 or 4 floors.

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