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Costa Rica Tirrá Tree Wins 2014 Outstanding Tree Award

Costa Rica News – Measuring up to 40 meters, the Tirrá  Tree of Costa Rica is admired near and far. Its beauty graces various provinces, with a special member of the species in Cartago, and its biological importance stretches much further.

arbol exceptional 2014 costa ricaOne particular tree of this type won the 2014 Outstanding Tree award, last week, which is awarded by the National Biodiversity Institute (INBio).

This tree resides on the property of Emilio Rodriguez and the whole community of Cervantes is proud of it.

This award has been given out since 2003. This year, 16 trees were nominated and the judges looked at the physical and aesthetic characteristics, history and ecological importance of each one.

They also consider the measures taken to ensure the protection of the tree. In this neighborhood, it’s not a problem, because everyone knows and loves this tree.

The elders share stories of the mysterious lion sounds that have been heard coming from the tree.

Ph0to from INBIO

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