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Costa Rica & the Global Impact Challenge

Costa Rica News – One intelligent and lucky Costa Rican will get to go to one of the headquarters of NASA and win a $40,000 scholarship.

This will benefit someone with an idea that will help the world.

It is part of the Global Impact Challenge initiative. The winner will attend the SingularityU Global Solutions Program, a 10-week training course for entrepreneurship projects.

This will be held at the Ames Research Center which is a NASA research center in Silicon Valley.

10 more finalists will be chosen to travel for a week, all expenses included, to the IBM SmartCamp, also in Silicon Valley. Through innovative thinking skills, the Global Impact Challenge seeks to reduce hunger, the loss of natural resources and other global problems.

94 Global Impact Challenges have been held, since 2010, in 38 countries. 121 people have so far been trained in starting a successful business.

Costa Ricans have great ideas to address challenges such as shelter, water resources, health, education, disaster response and security.

They will be influential in inventions that grow rapidly.

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