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Costa Rica & The Central American Customs Unification

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica looks forward to the unification of customs with the whole Central American Isthmus by 2023.

Guatemala and Honduras lead the way by starting a common customs territory, with free movement of goods and people.

The Central American customs union will have defined rules and totally harmonized systems, ideally, according to the Minister of Foreign Trade, Alexander Mora. Leaders of the region have long called for regional integration.

The Costa Rican food industry exports 47% of its total sales abroad to other Central American countries. It is the region that acquires the most goods from Costa Rica. Modernized border crossings would help the movement of goods. This will soon be financed with an IDB loan.

All countries are missing things to make the goal work smoothly. Technology must be updated and the computer systems and implementation of integrated border management and tax inspection must be harmonized.

This should make shipping between countries much easier.

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