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Costa Rica the Capital of Sex Tourism?

Costa Rica News – A large amount of men that travel to Costa Rica to get in bed with a young Tica.  Known as a eco-tourism destination this is sometimes a front to hide the fact that they are partying with hookers and cocaine. This is a worrying trend for Costa Rica. Flagged by INTERPOL, Costa Rica is quickly emerging as the hemispheric capital of sex tourism.

Costa Rica, where prostitution after age 18 is not considered a crime, is also credited with having the region’s biggest child prostitution problem. Most children who surrender to prostitution do so before they turn 12.

Forty one per cent of Costa Rican children are born into single-parent homes—usually headed by the mother. Single parent homes mean that there is usually a sequence of ‘stepfathers’ for whom a child is just part of the marital-sexual package. Families sometimes pimp their own children.

Jacobo Schifter, a professor emeritus at Costa Rica’s National University of Heredia and author of Mongers in Heaven, an examination of Costa Rica’s sex tourism industry, reports that while there are no official statistics, he estimates there are between 10,000 and 20,000 sex workers in the country, and 25,000 to 50,000 sex tourists who visit each year, 80 per cent of whom are U.S. citizens.

Close enough to the US and far enough away not to be recognized, Costa Rica looks like it will continue to be a place where the perverts of the US and other countries will come to enact their fantasies with people who could be doing better for themselves engaged in an industry that does not involve sex.

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  1. gordon said:

    Costarricense here seem to have no problem with this going back 100 years plus.. Never going to change.

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