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Costa Rica TESOL/TEFL Certification Programs

Costa Rica News – English has become a worldwide communications system where teaching opportunities are never scarce. In Costa Rica, the high demand for certified English teachers has made the process of becoming a professor simple. With programs in the country that offer international English teaching certification, travelers are choosing Costa Rica as their destination place to get certified and teach.  

TESOL Costa Rica Programs 1The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification allows people with the qualified skills to teach English in the country. There are many programs that offer the certification; the key is finding the program that works for each person. Most programs consist of completing a specific number of training hours or units, in-class courses and the opportunity to practice the skills learned with local students.

Some of the things a person should consider when looking to get TESOL/TEFL certified in Costa Rica are the preferred teaching locations, employer and certification credibility. The location matters because in-person training near the location gives the individual a real sense of teaching in the desired location. In many cases, the employer will be able to assist the individual with choosing the right program and certification title that bets suits the employer. Researching on accredited TESOL/TEFL certification programs is important to prevent being part of a scam.

Global TESOL College in Costa Rica is the only program of its kind. The training center is located in Jacó Beach, Costa Rica, and it offers 5 different certificate and diploma certifications that range from 120 to 700 hours and include 2 to 11 courses, depending on the program you choose. A great feature of this program that makes it unique is the accommodations to make the transition into Jacó Beach pleasant, which include meal plans, activities and planned weekend trips. This college also offers accommodations for its students in Jacó and near Herradura with a local family, or ocean front condominiums in Jacó. After completion they will also help with job placement.

Check Out the Global TESOL College Website

Credible programs such as, International TELF and TESOL Training (ittt) offer crash courses in Manuel Antonio, online and combined. The program in Manuel Antonio is a four-week intensive program Monday through Friday. During the training, future teachers will learn teaching techniques to become effective ESL (English as a Second Language) professors. The training length, hours, dates and cost of the program varies depending on people’s accommodations.

There are many benefits to being recognized as an English teacher in Costa Rica. The experience as a professor is unique due to the diversity of students that is constantly changing because it is a touristy country. Exposure to a diverse environment can only benefit professors looking to gain the best English teaching experience and Costa Rica offers that.

By Brenda Sotelo

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