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Costa Rica Telecommunting Employment Saves Time & Money

Costa Rica News – Telecommutersget to save ¢300,000 per year as well as 60 hours per month on commuting.

The things they could do with this time and money! Companies save money on overhead, too, so why do so few make the option a reality?

Only 21% of companies and 29.7% of public institutions apply a telecommuting possibility. This is based on a study carried out with 57 public sector institutions, of which 60% have teleworking programs and 40% do not.

293 public officials affirmed teleworking in the first half of 2016. The annual economic savings is actually 595,000 colones because it encompases clothing, transportation, food and other considerations. But then there are expenses like electricity, water, Internet and furniture, which brings the savings to 300,000.

Some barriers to using telecommuting more widely include the shortage of metrics to measure the work that is done outside the office. Workers here are often given credit for showing up and producing a quantity of work without much regard to quality.

Other barriers include lack of connectivity, difficulties in organizational skills, and lower work productivity.

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