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Costa Rica Teachers Taking A Day Off To Protest Work Load

Costa Rica News – Well after their day off they are most likely going to have more work when they get back, but I digress.

Teachers will strike on June 27th in protest of their workload.

They demand that they no longer be charged with excessive time consuming paperwork that takes away from more important things.

They will have a rally in San Jose on the day of the strike. It will consist of teachers and other members of the Association of Teachers of Secondary Education. They have seven claims to represent.

The main point is the labor overload imposed by the Ministry of Public Education, an excess of paperwork that prevents them from devoting themselves to their teaching duties.

They ask to be allowed to act as teachers not managers of irrational paperwork that ends up in drawers. The amount of paperwork borders on labor exploitation, they say.

Other issues include the pension scheme and the pay cut for those who were on strike in September 2015.

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