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Costa Rica Teachers Strike Tomorrow to Oppose Employment Law

Costa Rica News – Students will get another example of why their learning is not important tomorrow as many will get yet another day off for their teachers not showing up.  Although they say this is t oppose a law, we all know that many are just going to take the day off.

Thousands of school children will have the day off Tuesday because their teachers will participate in a one-day strike.

The movement is organized by the Association of Secondary School Teachers (APSE) and the Trade Union of Education.

They oppose a bill promoted by the government,that cuts unemployment, annuity, and full time availability in the public sector.

This initiative has not yet been submitted to the legislative. So they are opposing a law that may or may not even be presented to congress. Sounds like an excuse to take a day off to me.

However, the unions want to send a message that there is an indefinite strike next year if the plan reaches Congress. Again showing that the children’s education is not important to these groups.  If there were substitute teachers in Costa Rica this might be ok, but there are not unless a teacher misses a long period of work.

The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) said the strike was unnecessary.

Leonardo Garnier, minister, said that the protest is not justified because the project is only in draft stage and there will be consultation in different sectors, including the workers themselves.

“Before a strike, this call without justification is more like a new holiday that only brings harm to students,” said Garnier.

Gilberth Diaz, SEC chairman, said that this time there will march through the streets of San Jose, but participants will gather in front of Presidential Palace in Zapote.

Teachers of San José, Alajuela, Cartago and Heredia will convene at 10 am.

Those who teach in the rest of the country are invited to events in their communities, union leaders announced.

“We are ready to take the fight to overturn this bill, we must not let the monster be born and grow,” said Diaz.

I hope the teachers have a great day off.  If they took attendance at the strike only about 20% of the teachers that do not show up at work tomorrow would actually be there.  the rest are at home enjoying some day time novelas.

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  1. cluke said:

    The entire educational structure, minus University of Costa Rica is in shambles. My child goes to a public Kindergarten class and in one monthes time she goes to escuela maybe 15 day IF SHE IS LUCKY. Where is all this NON Military money goinig that is supossewdly going towards education. Yesterday during the debates Romney says he wants to be a free trade partner with Latin America. Yea right! with poor work ethics that the average Tico presents to the general public. It all strarts with your education and flows upwards from there. Did anyone notice how Obama neglected to say anything about Latin America. Smart business sence. No money to be made here. Just ask Dole Bananna Company how much produce they genereally waste on an annual basis due to poor Tico QC. Its sad.

  2. Smitty said:

    “Monster Born” that would describe the teachers union which is really a criminal front for Socialism.

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