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Costa Rica Teacher Paid Students to Have Sex with Him

Costa Rica News – Well if this piece of shite’s goal was to try to teach prostitution to a minor then he accomplished his goal. This guy should have his private parts cut off and remain in prison the rest of his life.  I am not even kidding.  Any person that sexual abuses a minor or rapes someone should get no second chances and have their privates sliced off.

A professor of agriculture who was teaching primary and secondary schools, paid between ¢ 15,000 and ¢ 20,000 to students in order for them to have sex with him.

Others were raped and abused or convinced to have sex with him differently.

For these crimes, the Trial Court of Limon sentenced him to 45 years in prison. He should have received my original sentence in my opening paragraph.

The sentenced is Jorge Alberto Calvo Rabbit, a native of San Jose, who has a degree in agricultural engineering and is 51 years of age.

The judgment was handed down on Tuesday. The judges found him responsible for two rapes,the crime of sex with minors, three counts of sexual acts with minors and paying with two counts of sexual abuse against minors.

At the same time, he was acquitted of nine other violations, a crime of sexual abuse and two counts of commercial sex with minor.

These acts occurred in 2010.

In that period, he worked for a college in Bribri. His victims were five students from these schools who were between 10 and 16 years of age.

The prosecution said Rabbit took advantage of his status as an educator to conduct a series of “perverse sexual acts that were both premature and excessive.”

He could take the children to his house, located in the same city, and commit the assault.

In the trial there were 17 witnesses, among whom were teachers and other people close to the victims. I am sure most were afraid to come forward at the time.  This guy should rot in hell.

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