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Costa Rica Taxis to Strike Because of Uber

Costa Rica News – Expect traffic in Costa Rica these coming days due to a taxi strike. 

costa rica taxi strike uberTaxi drivers nationwide feel threatened by the operation of Uber in Costa Rica. They are coming together and organizing roadblocks and strikes.

There are going to be a total of 13 such events spread out through key areas in the upcoming days.

The Union of taxi drivers will be meeting will meet to define the actions to be taken in protest of the new type of transportation that is taking away their business and benefits. Bus companies and the touristic transportation companies are also angered by Uber’s presence and may participate in the actions.

The date of the majority of the protests have not been announced yet but it will surely stop traffic across the country all day. The union has demanded that the State block Uber or make the company abide by the rules and regulations that taxi drivers are subject to.

Uber claims that since it doesn’t own cars or hire drivers it is not subject to the rules of transportation companies. It offers a cellphone application that simply links neighbors with cars with those who need a ride. It accepts payment by credit or debit card.

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