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Costa Rica Taxi Advice (3 Points) and Info on the Increased Fares

Costa Rica News – Well for all of those people in Costa Rica that take taxis on a day to day basis or you are travelling to CR and using the red taxi services here, you are going to be out an entire 5 colones more for the first kilometer of the ride.  This in terms of US dollars is $0.01. 

The base rate will increase from ¢ 585 to ¢ 590. This was approved by the Regulatory Authority of Public Services (Aresep).

The average increase for taxis operating regular (Red Fleet) is 0.78%, while taxis operating based on the Juan Santamaria International Airport will have an increase of 0.64%.

This setting taxi fares are done in February and August each year. In the first  taxis received an average increase of 1.95%, but this time the formula gave a smaller increase.

The calculation includes special minimum wage of the driver, the fuel prices and the exchange rate.

Customers are reminded that it is mandatory that the driver operate the meter on all trips, and so pay what the device indicates.

The authorized rates apply equally, regardless of time which made the shuttle, so there is no differentiation between day trips or night.

Here are three Costa Rica red taxi tips.

1. When you get in the taxi ask him or her to reset the meter as many times it will have already been running in order for the meter to start moving before the end of the first kilometer.

2. Always make sure they start the meter as the taxi will take advantage of many gringos by adding 500 to 1000 colones on what the meter rate would have been had they started it.

3. There is a possible way to rig the meter in the taxis to make it jump a few 100 colones during the trip during the trip over certain intervals.  Therefore increasing the fare of the customer and  it can make even a short trip very expensive.



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