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Costa Rica Talking About Electricity Charge Changes

Costa Rica News – Aresep is discussing a plan today to change residential electricity blocks. The plan would change the monthly collection of all eight distribution companies.

There would be houses that pay less for the same energy.

The first public hearing will be held today to discuss the proposal to restructure the tariff schedule for residential electricity so that consumption is covered in five blocks. The structure has remained unchanged for 20 years and must be updated.

The Aresep proposes the model as a way to reward the most thrifty households, meaning that those who use little energy pay a lower rate for it.

Each of 1,484,000 households would receive a differentiated rate in fixed charges and price per kilowatt hour.

This initiative is not related to the Executive Branch’s program to subsidize the electricity of families in poverty and extreme poverty. Those are only 3.5% of residences.

The Aresep initiative targets 100% of the country.

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