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Costa Rica Subsidizing Fuel for Narco-Trafficking Boats

Costa Rica News – Three of Gilbert Bell Fernandez’ boats receive subsidized diesel from the Costa Rican government.

drug trafficking costa rica mainFernandez was arrested on October 8th on suspicion of leading a local drug trafficking ring.

The three boats, named “Challenger, “Dos hermanos” and “Tormenta II,” are still operating. The last time they received subsidized fuel was a month ago. The boats were sold 33,800 liters of fuel at discounted rates, saving them ¢7.7 million.

The man’s involvement with illegally constructing a dock where a boat arrived in November 2014 with 318 kilos of compressed marijuana is also currently being investigated.

The boats are still allowed fishing permits and the discount because it has not been proven that they were involved in the trafficking. The crews are continuing their fishing activities.

Over the last year, 14 ship permits were suspended because of drug trafficking.

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