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Costa Rica Starts Reforestation Campaign; Be An Environmental Hero

Costa Rica Conservation News – Will you be an environmental hero? How about if it costs just $15? A new reforestation campaign is seeking sponsors to contribute just 7,500 colones (about $15) to cover the cost of planting, maintaining, and monitoring a tree for three years.

iconoThe goal is that if everyone is aware of their own carbon footprint, we can come together to invest in strategically located biological corridors. This will ensure drinking water for future generations.

It will also connect landscapes to allow the movement of species. This should counteract the “islands of conservation” effect, which results in the loss or decrease in numbers of endangered species.

It will take 9,300 trees to reforest the biological corridors of San Juan-La Selva and Tenorio-Miravalles. Another 6,000 are needed to reforest La Esperanza, Bijagua and Cañas.

Those who can help the ACC and OTS with this project can make a donation at the registers of Cemaco or at any Banco Popular.

The initiative also includes games for kids to learn about caring for the environment, which can be found at

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