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Costa Rica Shipping; New Values for Importing Vehicles to the Country

Costa Rica News – For all of those that want to ship a car to Costa Rica, this new law may or may not apply to you depending on the year of the vehicle you are bringing in.

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ship-a-car-to-costa-ricaAvoiding a fall in fiscal (tax) values, the Ministry of Finance (Ministerio de Hacienda) has issued a decree allowing the import of following year new vehicles starting only in September.

For example, new car dealers may import 2018 model year vehicles starting in September 2017. Between January and August they can only import 2017 model year vehicles.

The decree was published in the official government newsletter, La Gaceta, on October 21, 2016.

Fernando Rodriguez, Deputy Minister Finance, explained that “the problem is when these new cars enter the country their fiscal (tax) value causes the values of older models to fall and this has a significant impact on tax revenue.”

The deputy minister explained that the entry of new cars is one factor that directly influences the falling fiscal (tax) values which is used to calculate the annual property tax included in the Marchamo (circulation permit).

The ministry of Finance is expected to announce the fiscal (tax) values next week in preparation for the 2017 Marchamo that is due payable by December 31.

If you want more information about shipping to Costa Rica, click the link below for the Costa Rica shipping guide.

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