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Costa Rica Shipping; Buying Online & Shipping Packages to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Shipping – Red 506 and El Financiero investigated the ideas Ticos have about buying online.

costa rica package shippingThey held an online panel of 604 people between the ages of 18 and 54 in the metropolitan area. The results statistically have a confidence level of 95%.

Compared with the figures from the same study last year, it seems Ticos are losing their fear of entering personal and payment information online, however, in return they expect guarantees.

Economy Shipping for Packages to Costa Rica

Some of the expectations include support from the vendor, product warranty, security of information and confidence in the overall process.

They want to be sure their payment is secure and there is a return or exchange policy. They look for well known site names, clear photos of products, contact details for the company, and prompt replies to questions.

Correos de Costa Rica has had to hire more staff to accommodate the increase in purchases made online and shipped into the country from the US and Asia.

By the end of this year, it is expected that over 9 million packages will be delivered from international online purchases. If you are looking for a way to ship your packages to Costa Rica try Economy Shipping.  They have ways to get it through tax free.

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