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Costa Rica Shark Attack Tragedy? (Video)

Costa Rica Editorial – Bri and Marlee were the typical gorgeous blond surf girls just trying to get by on the beaches of Costa Rica.  they always had a happy way of living that revolved around their surfboards.  If they ever had a hard day they knew the waves on the beach in Playa Jaco would take away their frustrations. And then it happened.

shark attack costa ricaThis morning their 2 surf boards were found.

One of the boards looked like it had been bitten in half by a great white shark.

The other seemed to have been only nibbled on but the tears began to flow.  What had happened?

As the two girls emerged from their room they found their boards had been destroyed by a dog that they had let spend the night the night before. A dog that they had allowed the owner to keep at their house for just the one night.

Both of them wished they had been eaten by a shark, as could be seen by by Bri’s facebook update today “Que picha perro. Estoy muy triste” which loosely translated means “Fu&%ing Dog. I am very sad”

They both hope to have new boards soon and we have heard rumors that will be happening in the next couple of days.

The Stingray Shuffle

This morning was one that was productive and filled with work until about 10 am.  After about 4 hours of work it was time to take a break. The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze to keep it cool as we headed to the beach to enjoy a little time in the waves of Playa Hermosa.

My flip flops came off and as the hot hot sand burned the bottom of my feet as I ran towards the ocean. Just getting in the ocean seems to calm my mind from any daily frustrations.  Just like other days I galloped through the water getting ready to make my first dive into a crashing wave.

What I felt next can only be described as an immense sharp pain like a very large crab pinching the side of my foot. However, as the poison of the stingray filled my lower extremity I knew it was time to get out of the water.  After a total of about 2 minutes in the water it was time to head home and treat the stingray barb that had hit the side of my foot.

For anyone that has been barbed by a stingray it is not a pleasant experience.  You must keep extremely hot water on your foot or wherever you were barbed for about 1 to 2 hours to make the poison come out.  The water must be at a point of almost too hot.   You think that your injury feels better after about 15 minutes and sometimes take it out of the hot water too soon. You will know this when the throbbing electrocution type pain returns that you need to soak it longer.

The injury is fine now but there is one thing I learned  about was the stingray shuffle and how to treat an injury when you get barbed from a stingray tail.


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