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Costa Rica School Cafeterias Served Horse Meat

Costa Rica News – The National Production Council suspended the license of a company and filed a criminal complaint against it after a lab test by the National Animal Health Service found that it was selling horse meat as beef.

horse-meat costa rica news 1With the size of the most horses in Costa Rica I am surprised they could come up with enough meat to fill the orders.

The company had been contracted by the Institutional Supply Program to provide meat to a route of school cafeterias in Cartago. One school had doubts about the origin or type of meat and ordered a review.

The Institutional Supply Program buys products from small businesses and then distributes them to state institutions such as schools, hospitals and jails at competitive prices.

Legal action is being taken since the situation of what children were fed at school is a serious threat to the public interest. T

he provider was suspended on April 30th temporarily and then definitively on May 25th.

A new supplier has been appointed.

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