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Costa Rica Scholarship Money from Venture Program Going to Unqualified Students?

Costa Rica News – Well it possibly looks like another unaccountable Costa Rica government initiative. If there was an internal audit of where funds were being placed through out the Costa Rican government it would be labeled as one of the worst run businesses in Costa Rica and that says a lot in this country. 

Scholarships awarded to young people who dropped out of school, who are repeating a school year for a second time due to bad grades or those whose poverty status is in question have been getting money to attend school which means unqualified students are collecting funds

These are some of the deficiencies detected the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) when reviewing the operation of the Venture scholarship program, which last year brought aid to a monthly average of 145,440 schoolchildren.

According to the comptroller in 2011 were awarded 11,708 grants to young people who were not in any school.

They  also found that 7397 students (4% of beneficiaries) were repeating the year for the second time.

The CGR report also included as a weakness 13,762 scholarships given to students who are not living in poverty and do not need the financial aid.

To the Minister of Education, Leonardo Garnier, in this type of program is completely impossible to avoid leaks.

What is he talking about? How is about 32,000 cases that were found as not meeting the standards of the program out of 145,000 students a leak? We are talking about 22% of cases.

Obviously this is a huge money misappropriation by the Costa Rican Education ministry. Where did the funds go in those 32,000 cases? In the pockets of school administrators or more likely into the pockets of the Ministry of Education? I would lean towards the latter.

Please explain to me how Leonardo Garnier still ha his job after all the corruption he has been tied to?

Another day in the Costa Rican government……just trying to find ways to make sure their lavish lifestyles stay funded.


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