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Costa Rica Same Day Dental Implants

Health News – For all of you that are thinking dental implants and taking advantage of dental tourism, Costa Rica may be the place for you to book a flight.  Take a nice vacation and the savings you get from doing your dental implants abroad can pretty much cover the trip.

You should never feel stuck with your dentist because of your history, insurance, or routine! Think about the many options you have before giving in to a treatment that seems to pricey, painful, or time consuming. Take for example, dental implants. There are many kinds of implants. Implants can also take the place of bridges and dentures. If your dentist recommends either of those or a type of implant which takes months to complete piece by piece, consider the option of coming to Costa Rica for a same day implant procedure.

Costa Rica has long been known as a safe and convenient spot for dental tourism. It’s dentists and equipment are of equal quality to much more developed countries such as the United States. You can get from Florida to Costa Rica in only 2 hours and be granted an automatic visa. The procedures are much cheaper here, at least by 50 percent!

A normal implant involves two surgeries with a wait of 4 months between them and 8 months of healing afterwards! That sounds like a year of being in pain! With a same day implant the procedure takes only 20 minutes! In only 5 days the temporary crown is easily replaced with the permanent one. If you were told to get dentures, consider that implants will feel like real teeth while dentures will not. If it was suggested that you get bridges, think about the damage those cause to surrounding teeth. Implants may be a better option.

I’m sure you were easily “sold” on same day vs. traditional implants but how about the in Costa Rica part? An implant in the U.S. could cost $2,000. Guess how much the same one would cost in Costa Rica? About $500 to $650. That leaves you enough money to pay for your plane ticket and still save some money!

By Kerry La

There are only 1 or 2 clinics that The Costa Rican Times recommends due to personal experiences there. One is Costa Rica Dental Team which is the only American run clinic in Costa Rica with the highest standards in service and modern facilities. Saving $2500 or more on dental procedures like dental implants with a short flight to paradise is becoming more and more popular.

For a Free Quote on Dental Care from the Costa Rica Dental Team, click here.


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