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Costa Rica Safety Warning by US Embassy

Costa Rica News – For all US tourists planning on heading to Costa Rica for Semana Santa or anytime in the near future a safety warning has been issued for the Southern Caribbean area of the country. This is not a warning to not come to the country but a request to stay alert and not leave your brain at home. 

puerto-viejo costa ricaThe U.S. Embassy warning through its website on the security situation in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica.
The alert is intended for U.S. citizens living or planning to vacation in Costa Rica, are requested to be cautious and be vigilant in their personal safety.

Within the last few weeks, the Embassy has received increased reports of armed robberies of tourists in the Puerto Viejo area.  In light of this situation, the U.S. Embassy advises U.S. citizens living in or visiting the Puerto Viejo area to remain cautious and vigilant with regard to their personal safety and security.

“The safety and welfare of U.S. citizens in Costa Rica is one of the main priorities of the embassy, ​​which is why we send these messages related to safety,” said  U.S. Embassy representative, ​​Eric Nelson.

“Representatives of the U.S. Consular Section have visited the area many times to assist those affected by the crimes, to meet with concerned U.S. citizens in the southern Caribbean and to urge the government of Costa Rica to deal with this problem. As an embassy, ​​we work in partnership with the Ministry of Public Security, the judiciary, other government institutions and the private sector in order to increase public safety for Americans and Costa Ricans across the country, ” The US Embassy has been reported saying.

Armed robberies have occurred in rented houses, hotels and areas frequented by tourists. The attackers have taken personal items and passports. The local police have made arrests in some cases and Costa Rican officials have taken steps to prevent future incidents and improve overall security climate.

Please remain aware of suspicious activity in the area and immediately report it to local authorities.  It is better to be over cautious and make sure you are protected from these incidents.


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