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Costa Rica Riteve Vehicle Inspection Fee Increasing 157%? Changes to Driver’s Education Need To Be Made

Costa Rica News – This is just like Costa Rica increasing taxes and fees instead of fixing the problem that is causing these increases.  Marcahmo the mandatory vehicle insurance and payments has already been increased by around 20 to 30% and now Riteve is asking for an increase in the fee for vehicle inspections. 

I will talk about the Riteve increases after addressing the problems that need to be fixed by implementing defensive diving, mandatory driver’s education courses and accountability for police officers. The reason the marchamo is being increased is because of the number of accidents that occur on the roads of Costa Rica.

If you have ever had the fun experience of driving in Costa Rica, you will know that defensive driving is not something done on the roads in “Pura Vida” land.  You will see motorcycles zipping in between cars and lanes, vehicles taking left turns from the right hand land, honking instead of using blinkers or breaks, and so forth and so on.

The police officers themselves do not set good examples as they too drive their motorcycles between traffic, parking in illegal spots, and much more.  Also if you get pulled over in Costa Rica you can usually bribe the officer to let you off or they will hint to you themselves for 50,000 colones the ticket will disappear.  If they get caught they only get 3 months paid suspension so no big deal and no accountability.

Instead of increasing the marchamo because of the number of accidents and fatalities on the roads lets fix the problem which is reducing the number of accidents with the following.

1. In order to get your license in Costa Rica require people to go to a Driver’s Education class and take and pass both the written exam and the driving test.  No payoffs either to pass.

2. If you get a ticket require a defensive driving class as well as pay the fine for certain tickets.

3. Hold police officers accountable if they take bribes or let people off for tickets for other reasons and increase their salaries.  Suspend them without pay the first time and increase their salaries so they do not have to take bribes to just get by. $600 to $800 a month is not enough.

Fix the problem do not put a band-aid on it.

Riteve Increases

Riteve, the required vehicle inspection in Costa Rica, , requested an increase  in their rates of 157%.

The increases are as follows.

Light vehicle would go from ¢ 9930 to ¢ 25,530.

Taxis would of ¢ 10,714 to ¢ 27,540.

Motorcycles ¢ 6541 to ¢ 16,810.

Welcome to the wonderful cost of living increase in Costa Rica. If the goal is to make less people come here and live here then the Costa Rican government is doing all the things needed to make that happen.

 If you are not in the mood to spend the days waiting in line and doing the paper work to get both the Riteve Inspection and the Marcahmo taken care of Shipping Costa Rica will take care of this for you for a minimal fee. Click Here to Get In Get this Taken Care of. 


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