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Costa Rica Riteve Inspections Available Now With Appointment

Costa Rica News – With the mandatory Riteve inspections needed to be accomplished before the end of Janaury to legalize your vehicle to drive the roads of Costa Rica in 2013, the offices are accepting appointments to get this done.  Although you can set these appointments like everything else in Costa Rica you most likely will be spending the entire day there to get this done.

In a press release, announced that this month Riteve only closed this coming Monday for a company party,  on 25th of December and on January 1st.

On the 24th of December and December 31st they will close at noon.

“Right now, there are appointments available at all Riteve stations” the company said.

Drivers must submit their vehicle for review in January.

To make an appointment should call 905-788-0000 or go to the Internet site

Owners should remember that from next month they will be enforcing the new Riteve standards.

Among these now required are rear seat belts for cars made after 1993 and headrests for all seats in all cars made after 2009.

If you do not want to waste a day getting you vehicle inspected and/or paying your marchamo. Then get Shipping Costa Rica to do it for you.  Click Here.

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