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Costa Rica Retirement Business, Pot Brownies!

Costa Rica News – If you are a tourist or local and you have traveled to Quepos in Costa Rica in the past couple of years, you might have gone to the Farmer’s market that occurs each meet in the quaint little town.  At the Costa Rica farmer’s market (feria) in Quepos are fruit and vegetables and many other farm produced items for your healthy diet.

If you desired something a little on the wild side and to provide you “the munchies”, that was also available and was in pot browniesplain sight. In between the vegetable and fruit stands was a big sign that said “Pot Brownies” and they were being sold for 7,500 colones ($15 each).  The business has been up and running for about 2 years and run by the same people this entire time. One or more of a few things probably happened:

  • The local police finally learned to read English
  • One of the owners either pissed off one of the local policemen or did not pay their kickback for this month
  • A tourist reported them to the local authorities
  • The business owners pissed off someone in the community and they wanted to get back at them

I am leaning towards the last reason. The local police arrested an American and the Canadian who sold marijuana cakes. An American with the last name Francis, 63, and a Canadian with the last name Reid, 56, were selling the “pot brownies”, which had the strong odor of marijuana. The Canadian already had a police record. After coordinating with the Police Drug Control unit the foreigners were arrested and their goods confiscated in order to bring the case to the order of the court. Both subjects were released hours after their capture. Do not worry if you need pot in Costa Rica it is not hard to find, in beach towns you can usually just follow the smell. The lesson in this story is “if you are going to sell pot in Costa Rica during the daytime with a sign announcing your sales you will be arrested……….after a couple of years!”

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