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Costa Rica Remains King of Requiring Paperwork to Do Anything

Costa Rica News – Expect to kill of few trees if you need to do anything legal in Costa Rica.

paperwork in costa ricaCosta Ricans and visitors are subject to an excessive amounts of paperwork for just about every legal transaction from the moment they arrive in the country. Getting through customs can be a nightmare and that’s only the beginning.

For those planning to rent or buy, create a business, or even use a bank or cell phone the processes are time consuming and ridiculous. I rarely leave the bank with less than 12 receipts even if I make just two transactions.

The Global Competitiveness Index has shown that Costa Rica has actually deteriorated from its original position. For the ease of obtaining credit Costa Rica used to be ranked 63 and is now down to 117 of the 140 countries assessed.

The World Economic Forum notes the extreme burden of customs procedures. For this aspect Costa Rica has decreased from 71 to 79.

The Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development suggests that the Law on Protection of Citizens from Excessive Administrative Requirements and Procedures be better carried out. There seems to be confusion regarding when the central government has jurisdiction and when the municipalities do.



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