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Costa Rica Relocation; Should You Ship Your Car to Costa Rica?

Being able to drive your own car to get from one place to the next is a wonderful thing because of the freedom to travel and comfort it offers. Having your own car means you get to travel without worrying about fixed routes or timetables and you can bring your family along with necessary goods you wish to take with you without worrying about space and other commuters. Putting into consideration ventilation, comfortable seats and other novel technologies to help you feel better, driving your own car is definitely more convenient than riding public utility vehicles likes buses.

But what if you have to move to a different country like Costa Rica? Should you ship your car and pay the taxes or just purchase a car when you get there? Although circumstances for every individual varies, it is highly recommended that you ship or import your car to Costa Rica rather than buy a car when you get there to save time and money. Shipping to Costa Rica can be worth it.

Now what are the two main things you have to take into consideration when deciding on whether to import your car or not to Costa Rica during Costa Rica relocation? First is money, second is dependability.

Get Your Free Costa Rica Shipping Guide (Tips on Shipping to Costa Rica)


Fact of the matter is, if you plan on selling your car prior to leaving for Costa Rica you have to sell it a few months in advance (5-6 months) to get multiple offers to ensure that you get the best price you can get for it, leaving you with no means of comfortable mode of transportation. Going to work or going places you have to without a car of your own can be quite troublesome. On the other hand, if you wait until the last minute to sell your car you may take some loss since you most likely will not get the best price you can for your valued car since you have to sell it immediately. Finally, when you finally arrive in Costa Rica, you have to buy a replacement car. The bad news is, cars in Costa Rica are usually double the price of the same car bought in the US or Canada. Say for example, you want to buy a 2000 Grand Cherokee in the US it is only going to cost you $5,500, but if you buy it in Costa Rica it is going to cost your around $11,000-$12,000. This price difference alone might make your Costa Rica shipping decision for you.


When you buy a previously owned car in Costa Rica do not expect to get a vehicle history of that car because you cannot get a-hold of any so you won’t know of previous problems or accidents the car have had; the previous owner or the dealer won’t tell you anything about the real condition of the car you are buying. Furthermore, if after going thru the hassle of purchasing a car in Costa Rica and getting it “street legal” anything goes wrong and it needs to be repaired, all fees for repair or replacement will be paid out of your own pocket. You cannot in any way get a refund for the lemon car you bought and it is definitely not worth the time, energy and money to get the issue to court because of the unreliable judicial system in Costa Rica.

Get Your Free Costa Rica Shipping Guide (Tips on Shipping to Costa Rica)

Of course it is important to chooses a Costa Rica Shipping Company to handle your move.

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