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Costa Rica Relocation; Shipping to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Shipping – You’ve made a decision and have decided on Costa Rica relocation and to live the life of Pura Vida which everyone is enjoying so much. As you are moving, what are you going to do with your home furnishings? Will they be given away or brought to your new home in Costa Rica?

Having our memories and personal items that we have bought or kept over the years because of their sentimental values are things that can not be replaced so leaving them behind is not an option, Just because we want to start a new life, does not mean we have to forget all about the past.

You should be aware that the items, even used are taxed when sending to Costa Rica, Taxes vary from 10 to 60 percent of the value of the item you are importing. Make sure that you take an inventory of your household items and be sure to take along only the things you can not live without it or things that are very hard to replace in your new home.

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You can always buy essential items and some luxury items from local shops in Costa Rica or save money by buying imported goods in the free zone or free warehouse in the southern city of Golfito. But do you have a 2 days to spend dirving to the most southern part of the country? And do you want to pay the transport bakc to you home?shipping to costa rica relocation 1

One downside about living in Costa Rica is that the inventory is very limited, so some items are difficult, if not impossible, to find and can be more expensive to replace than what you are used to. We have listed some elements that are either more expensive or difficult to find in Costa Rica:

  • Electronic devices are subject to high import taxes so the price of these items are about 50 percent or higher in Costa Rica compared with the US or Canada, with a 50-inch TV in which you have bought and pay $ 200 in taxes on imports may seem like a big expense until the head to a local store in Costa Rica and discover that they TV costs more than $ 1000 in Costa Rica.
  • The selection of the books written in English cost an arm and a leg in Costa Rica and the fact the number of books available; it is not the same as bookstores in the US or Canada.
  • If your skin is sensitive and uses only quality linens high thread count, consider bringing them to Costa Rica, since these elements are twice its standard price compared to the US.
  • As bedding, toiletries and cosmetics are expensive in Costa Rica, and some brands can not be found in this country so you might want to bring supplies a few months.
  • Household appliances are the same as electronics. Name brands and high-quality washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and other household items should normally be are almost double the price in Costa Rica. So why you may think that the payment of import duty on your washer and dryer Maytag is a bad idea, you may wish you had because when it comes to decorating their new home in Costa Rica and see local prices.

Another factor to take into effect when deciding on shipping to Costa Rica or purchase in the country is postage and time spent trying to furnish your new home during the relocation process of Costa Rica. To get a wider selection, you’ll need to shop in a larger and most likely is that this city is San Jose, Costa Rica. If you live in a suburb of the capital going shopping might not be a daunting task than fight a little traffic. But most foreigners who have decided to relocate in Costa Rica have roots in one of the many beach towns of Costa Rica. The further away from San Jose more prices rise and less selection. The nearest town of Jaco Beach is more than an hour outside of San José, and if you live in the Guanacaste area just arrived in San Jose can take up to 8 hours. If you are outfitting a home that can make several trips to find the things you need and that means multiple deliveries to your home. An average delivery truck can cost $ 400 to $ 800, depending on the time when calls home in Costa Rica. Add in your gasoline costs and time spent trying to find everything you need and the numbers add up pretty quickly.

If after making an inventory of all the things you take with you and determined to have more than about 1000 pounds of combined weight of your items, or if you take large items like refrigerator or car, get in Costa Rica by air it is laughably expensive so it is out of the question and your best option is to send things by boat in a cargo container.

Shipping containers the US measuring 20 and 40 feet long and costs about $ 6000 – $ 15000, according to the US port container your destination country to Costa Rica; this price includes tax and delivery. While the price it can be much less than replacing everything when you arrive. In general, the container is brought to your home, and you will be responsible for packing and loading their stuff, Hiring a local moving company can save you a little instead of using the packing company supplied by the Costa Rica Shipping Company. When shipping to Costa Rica, the logisitcs company normally located in the country will arrange transportation of the container and get it to Costa Rica.

This Costa Rica Door to Door Container Shipping will make your move easier and stress free.  Why not start enjoying the “Pura Vida” lifestyle after your Costa Rica relocation right way.  Shipping to Costa Rica does not have to be difficult, so let a professional Costa Rica logisitcs provider do the hard work for you.  The last thing you want to do is start your new life in Costa Rica having to deal with frustrations of Costa Rica customs.  Any government entity is hard to handle but wait until you get to the land of “manana”.

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