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Costa Rica’ Refinery Project Being Revived with China’s Help

Costa Rica News – Costa Rican president Luis Guillermo Solís came to an agreement with China’s National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) on Friday to revive the new refinery project. This is to be developed in Moín, Limón.

costa rica refinery project 1The CNPC agreed that Recope will be responsible for the feasibility study for the processing of fuels.

The plan China and Oscar Arias agreed on was stopped in 2013 over a relationship between the Chinese oil company and the company that did the first feasibility study, which was against the contract.

The concerns raised by the Comptroller in 2013 were made in order to comply with provisions like transparency and accountability. The new study will better respect the national legislation.

On the visit to Beijing, Solís also agreed to include biofuels and green fuels in the design of the refinery. Additionally, a tico-Chinese company set up in ‘09 will be responsible for building the refinery.

The real question is with Recope still calling the shots will any change be made in the price of fuel in Costa Rica? 

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