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CR Reef Classic; Surfing & Hot Women

Costa Rica News – This is a great weekend to head out to the Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area to enjoy both some great surfing and beautiful latina women as the Costa Rica Reef Classic competition will be coinciding with the Reef Girl beauty contest. Just think to yourself surfing and sexy latinas in skimpy bikinis.

costa rica reef girls 2013 1Let’s start with the surf competition that brings out some of the best surfers in Latin America. The Adrenaline Rush 2013 Reef Classic presented by Costa Rica No Artificial Ingredients is confirmed for April 17th to April 20th in Santa Teresa. The tournament prizes in total will be 12.5 million colones ($25,000) in cash.

Santa Teresa is a beach break with lefts and right peaks. December conditions usually favor offshore. It’s a constant wave has little dependence on the tides.

Now let’s get to the bonus prize for all you guys that are in the mood to see some beautiful tan bodies this weekend……all oiled up with tanning oil.

When there are good waves, the reef surf classic, the smell of sunscreen and the heart-stopping curves of 12 beautiful women y you might be getting ready for the Reef Girl competition.

The 12 finalists of the popular summer event (this is the ninth edition of the national contest) were introduced on Tuesday to the press in Lindora. They will fight for the title in the finals this April 20th at Santa Teresa beach along side the surf competition.

You really cannot ask for more if you are fan of surfing and a fan of beautiful women.  This weekend is going to offer you both in Santa Teresa. Do not forget there are going to be 11 beautiful tan latinas that do not win and they are going to need to be comforted. You could be that shoulder to cry on.


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