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Costa Rica Real Estate Sector On the Rise

Costa Rica Real Estate – The real estate sector in Costa Rica is actually accelerating so much that the pace in 2015 had growth levels similar to those before the global crisis in 2008.

costa rica real estate 1Services and housing are the fastest growing sectors.

Last year, the construction output increased 8.2 percent. Investors are much more interested than in past years in learning how to go about what is needed to carry out developments.

Nicaragua and Costa Rica had the most success in the region in construction for the year of 2015.

The year was one of the most significant years for Limon. The construction of the APM Terminals revitalized the area.

The projected growth for the construction sector is estimated at an annual rate of 3.9 percent to 2030, a figure which surpasses by almost one percentage point the growth projection of the world gross domestic product.

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