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Costa Rica Real Estate Laws

From tropical forests to mangrove jungles, fiery volcanoes to black-sand beaches, roaring nightlife to uncrowded beaches, Costa Rica is a country filled with enchanting gems that are waiting to be experienced.

Ranked among one of the most visited international destinations, it is plain to see why some tourists fall in love with the country so much that they either make the decision to either stay, or plan to as they retire.

To help regulate the unlimited potential for investment for individuals or multinational companies alike, Costa Rican authorities have prioritized real estate laws to better protect the land and the land owners as well. Under the country’s constitution, the private ownership of land is protected, enjoyed and entitled to both locals and foreigners. Anyone regardless of background, race or creed can gain ownership of private land, provided that there are no restrictions imposed on such. Neither citizenship nor residence or even presence in the country is required for land ownership.

The few and far-in-between restrictions for land ownership in Costa Rica has contributed to a real-estate market that is booming despite the global recession. Still, as with all cases of land purchase, due diligence is best exercised especially for potential investors who are not familiar with Costa Rican real estate laws.

While a different culture and a different process can be downright intimidating, the Costa Rican government has helped with addressing this particular concern by accrediting real estate lawyers to help all potential land buyers understand precisely where they’re putting their money in.

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