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Costa Rica Ranks at the Top for Netflix Selection

Costa Rica News – Although you may feel like you do not have a wide selection on Netflix in Costa Rica you have a lot more than if you lived in the neighboring countries, well at least one neighbor.  Glass half full.

netflix costa rica 1Netflix users hate Netflix, but can’t stop using it and the biggest complaint is it doesn’t always have that film or TV show you really want to see.

Admit it, how many times have you browsed through the titles, even read some of the info and made more than one search? And still nothing, feeling frustrated at the ridiculously low number of titles available for streaming. And costing you all the while.

Netflix became available in Costa Rica in 2011 and today is country with the third largest number of films, series and documentaries available on Netflix in Latin America – leaving out the English speaking Caribbean islands – with an estimated 3,840 titles.

Panama with 3,962 and Mexico with 3,876 titles are the only two countries with more titles than Costa Rica, that offers more titles than Colombia with 3.819, Brazil with 3.796 and Canada with 3,435.

According to Netflix, it says it has more than 14,000 content options, but it cannot be offer them in all countries. In the U.S., Netflix’s beginning, is where it has the largest number of titles available to its subscribers with 5.087, while Sudan is the nation with the lowest, with 906.

Despite this, Nextflix has begun to lose market share in Latin America, due to strong competition from operators like Claro and Movistar, according to a study by the Dataxis consulting group.

In Latin America, Netflix has some 10 million subscribers of the 70 million worldwide with Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia the major markets.

Biting at the heels of Netflix are the Mexican operator, Claro and the Spanish telco, Movistar. Both companies offer streaming through their wireless networks to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

A round up of titles across Latin America according to

  • Panama 3,962
  • Mexico 3,876
  • Costa Rica 3,840
  • Nicaragua 3,832
  • El Salvador 3,831
  • Honduras 3,830
  • Guatemala 3,830
  • Uruguay 3,828
  • Paragua 3,828
  • Argentina 3,827
  • Venzuela 3,823
  • Perú  3,823
  • Ecuador  3,823
  • Bolivia  3,823
  • Chile   3822
  • Colombia 3,796

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