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Costa Rica Rainy Season Survival Guide

Costa Rica News -The challenges of living in Costa Rica during rainy season are not too difficult if you are prepared. Newcomers will definitely benefit from asking for advice before their first rainy season experience. Common problems all have solutions, so do not despair.

costa rica rainy season 1Being prepared to survive your first rainy season is half the battle. Bridges collapsing and other dangerous issues related with heavy rainfall are not common. You should, however, expect bugs, dampness, mold, floods, and funny smells.

Keeping things dry is nearly impossible. Sun drying clothes is not an option. If you don’t want to smell bad you will need to use a dryer. For a few months it’s worth the cost of having your laundry done if you don’t have a dryer.

Use plastic containers to store important paperwork. Don’t assume that desk drawers are safe from the humidity.

For out of season clothes, pack them away with antibacterial soap to keep them fresh and mold-free. You can use Thompson’s Water Seal spray to waterproof your other clothes.

Medicated talcum foot powder will prevent foot fungus. That along with rubber boots should keep your feet dry.

If you plan to maintain a property during this season you’ll have to go to your local “ferreteria” to buy a machete, an LED waterproof head lamp, high grade cord, duct tape, a leatherman wave, and a shovel. That should complete your tool kit for the rain!

A mosquito net, hydrogen peroxide, cortisone cream, and a bottle of liquid bandage should be enough to handle mosquitoes. Don’t be afraid of them.

Go out in the jungle and enjoy the amazing things you’ll see. You are bound to spot more wildlife during this otherwise difficult season.

By Kerry La

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