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Costa Rica Puts Another Import Tax in Place

Costa Rica News – Perhaps the Costa Rican government has already run through the millions of dollars that China has given them or they just knew that no one could do anything about them instating this new tax. 

costa rica import taxesThe new tax is at the Costa Rican borders. It is $25 for each declaration of goods at customs. The tax is expected generate about $1.6 million the rest of this year.

The new tax is already in force as it was published yesterday with its regulations.

The tax passed in the Association Agreement between Central America and the European Union (CAAA).  It has been promised that the revenues from this tax will be used to manage and improve the customs border and to the development the cantons where they are located.

One of the commitments made in the CAAA is the improvement and streamlining of the transit goods in Central America.

Sorry but please can we track where this money is going and where it is being spent?

Are we really going to trust CONAVI and/or MOPT to use this money wisely developing roads infrastructure at the borders?

Do we really think that Costa Rica is going to try to improve the cantons on the Nicaragua/Costa Rica border with the feud between Chinchilla and Ortega?

If you are driving to Costa Rica from Panama or Nicaragua and have to declare any personal goods, get ready to pay an extra $25 that will go to the private school fund for Costa Rica government officials (sarcasm).

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One Comment;

  1. [email protected] said:

    And another tax to go along with the so many other taxes
    in the last few years. It is getting crazy here in Costa Rica. Any declared items brought into the country will now cost you $25! God if I could only sell my home here I would move to Nicaragua in a New York Second!

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