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Costa Rica Psychiatric Patient Drove Two Hours in Stolen Ambulance

Costa Rica News – Well Costa Rica’s own version of the beginning of a horror movie happened yesterday.  One patient from the National Psychiatric Hospital, in Pavas, San José, stole an ambulance that was in the parking lot of that hospital and drove two hours until it was stopped at a school a few miles away. But unlike the horror movie no children were kidnapped nor anyone killed.  

When found, the woman told police he had studied at the British School, located in Rohrmoser, so decided to go there to meet someone.

Marco Barrantes, chief of the security forces in the area, said the patient did not elaborate on who it was she wanted to see.

The woman, surnamed Garcia, took the car yesterday at about 11:30 am

Lucy Rodriguez, spokeswoman for the medical center, said the ambulance had arrived minutes before leaving to another patient from Monsignor Sanabria Hospital in Puntarenas. “The driver brought a patient to Emergencies. He went into the negotiations and, at that time, another patient who was apart with his family, grabbed the ambulance, “he said.

Garcia’s mother told officers that her daughter has some behavior problems.

“As the mother said she suffers from aggressive behavior. Sunday brought it (to the hospital) and received medical attention. Have already been entered several times and came to commit her now, “said the officer Barrantes.

The CCSS reported that women suffer from personality disorders.

Garcia is a doctor by profession and resides in Desamparados. She appears as a pro active, according to the website of the College of Physicians, but his family said he is working not because of their condition.

The ambulance driver, surnamed Soto, said he left the keys inside the vehicle while completing the efforts to give the other patient.

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  1. Blah Moe said:

    Takes 2 hours to get an ambulance. Think how long it would take them to find a regular car. Answer:Never.

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