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Costa Rica Prostitutes Want Retirement Benefits

Costa Rica News – When you read the headlines you probably thought this was something from The Onion.  The truth is this is a real movement in Costa Rica for those is the sex industry.

costa rica sex workersThere’s a group of 400 sex workers in an association that came about 21 years ago in the red light district. The group hopes to recognize and regulate sex work, as they feel thrown aside without rights.

Rights that the rest of the working population have, such as insurance, a pension, vacation and severance, should apply to all workers, including sex workers. How that would work is not yet clear.

Those in other industries can look forward to a retirement and they enjoy protections throughout their careers.

Sex workers are often forced to continue into old age, when it is harder to get clients. Many find themselves in appalling conditions.

The group hopes to present a bill to recognize autonomous sex work.

The workers hope to be recognized as humans in need of good, quality care, not just thought of from the waist down.

Call me pessimistic, but I doubt they plan on paying taxes on all the income they make…….but that is no different than many other people in Costa Rica.  


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