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Costa Rica Properties to Be Auctioned at up to 50% Off on Friday

Costa Rica News – People who are interested can look at various properties, including houses, commercial and lots on the Banco Popular web site.

foreclosed properties costa ricaThe official list of which properties will be auctioned off will be posted on Thursday, July 30th.

Over 250 properties will be auctioned on July 31. After viewing the properties online, people, with the assistance of an executive making the deposit, can bid on properties between 10-11am in 24 Bank Popular locations.

Financing options through Banco Popular include a basic rate in dollars and colones that will equal the Prime Rate plus 3%, up to 360 month financing for up to 100% of the property value and no administration or commission fees.

Different financing options are being offered through Banco Nacional and BN Real, which has been awarded with the best fixed rate throughout the term of the loan.

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