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Costa Rica Prisoners Might Not Be Able to Use Their Cell Phones Anymore

Costa Rica News – I know you read the title of this article and thought to yourself, what in the world.  Why would they be able to use their cell phone anyway.

costa rica prisoner on cell phoneBelieve it or not this is a problem that has to be addressed as prisoners are using their phones to continue their evil ways.

The Government is trying to block cell signals in prisons across the country to stop crimes that are generated or organized from prison.

The goal is to amend the General Telecommunications Act to require such blockage of technology.

The Executive Branch submitted a plan intended to compel all telecommunications companies to block the provision of services within prison limits. They would be given six months to implement the needed measures.

In 2009 antennas were used to block calls from one prison yet extortion and scams continued somehow. Then cell phones were banned from prisons in 2011 but because of the constant flow of people in and out the rule was easy to break without being noticed.

This is why now they are going after blocking the signals. Cellular operators will have to work with the Government if Congress winds up supporting the initiative, which is backed by President Luis Guillermo Solís.

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