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Costa Rica Preparing for More Dengue & Chikungunya Cases This Coming Year

Costa Rica News – The history of viruses such as dengue and chikungunya shows a stronger outbreak once every two to three years, so the Ministry of Health is prepared for serving additional patients next year.

dengue virus costa ricaThe last major episode was in 2013, affecting around 50,000 people. Last year there were much less, 11,140.

Dengue is a cyclical disease with significantly higher numbers of cases every few years, according to the Ministry of Health’s Roberto Castro Córdoba

Since there was not a peak this year we can surely expect one in 2016. Both viruses are transmitted through mosquito bites and have symptoms of high fever, joint pain and fluid loss.

New mosquito born illnesses, such as the Zika virus, may also come to Costa Rica.

The public throughout the country is urged to take special care to eliminate potential breeding sites of mosquitoes.

These include any containers or surfaces that collect water.

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