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CR Police Ready for Return of Vacationers

Costa Rica News – Well for all those people that went to the beach or other vacation areas around Costa Rica and spent all your money on your trip instead of paying your marchamo it might come back and bite you in the ass as you head home with your family or hung over with your friends. 

Either you will get fined for not having your marchamo up to date by the December 31st deadline or you will have to bribe an officer to let you go with a warning.  If the police is caught he only gets 3 months paid suspension so he will most likely accept the extra cash.

300 traffic officers will be engaged in monitoring the return of tourists to the Central Valley from their Christmas trips and weekend trips.

The main objectives are to verify that vehicles are equipped with the 2013 Marchamo, not travelling at high speeds, and the driver is not intoxicated.

Authorities are calling for caution on the roads and to respect road signs.

According to the Director of Traffic, German Marin, until this afternoon there have been only minor collisions.

He also mentioned that during today reported no huge traffic jamson the main roads of return, as most of the tourists wait until morning to travel back to their homes.

As a result, the Autopistas del Sol have an extra lane between Orotina and Ciudad Colon open in the direction towards San Jose between 12 noon and 6 pm

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One Comment;

  1. momeat12 said:

    3 Months paid suspension!!!!! People wonder why corruption is so bag. This ia a damn joke.

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