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Costa Rica Police Officer Arrested for Stealing and Using Credit Card

Costa Rica News – We thought that this would tie in well to the article today about disregarding the 10 commandments in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is a great place to visit and live (if you do not need to work), but you just need to keep  your guard up and just because you are on vacation do not stop using your brain.

An officer of the Armed Forces of Palmares was arrested yesterday on suspicion of stealing and using a debit card found at an ATM .

The Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) reported that the accused is an officer named Vargas, who yesterday was in front of the Prosecutor in San Ramon.

According to the court report, the crime took place during the month of June.

At that time a citizen surnamed Moreno came to an ATM located in the center of Palmares, where, after getting money, forgot his debit card there.

Subsequently, the policeman entered the ATM,  found the card and took it. Obviously thinking to himself it is not stealing if the person left it there.

The OIJ said that soon after, Vargas did some shopping at various stores  in the amount of $400.

The Judicial Police reported that Vargas was accompanied by his girlfriend, and they allegedly attempted other purchases, but the card had been blocked by the owner.

Identifying Vargas was possible by the photos taken at the ATM and business videos where made the purchases, said the OIJ. Not a very intelligent officer either.

He is being prosecuted now to determine the measures to be imposed.

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