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Costa Rica Police Aided Weapons Robbery in San Jose

Costa Rica News – I am going to call absolute bullshit on the fact that this is being called a robbery.  It is obvious it was an inside job by the police stationed in this headquarters to get extra cash.  I love when government employees in Costa Rica expect people to believe the “I have no idea what happened” excuse.

Two subjects  surprised the on duty duty officer of the Fuerza Publica in Mata Redonda, San Jose, and stole a sub-machine gun, seven pistols, four vests and a communication radio. I do not know about you but how safe does this make you feel that police officers are auctioning off deadly weapons to the highest bidder with no accountability?

The robbery was discovered  when neighbors came to the police station and found the only there cop bound and gagged, said Juan Carlos Arias, deputy chief of the Armed Forces of San Jose.

The assailants fled the scene without anyone noticing. Police did not know yesterday if they fled on a motorcycle, car or on foot. I have no idea what happened…..##throws up shoulders and gives blank look.

Authorities ordered a closure of roads in the surrounding areas. “We are looking with the descriptions we have of the two men,  I can not give details, but one is short and the other of average height,” said Arias. Good so men in the area that are armed and dangerous will remain enigmas to the locals so they can get away. How stupid do the cops think we are?

The assailants allegedly forced the officer to open the armory, where they took an Uzi sub-machine gun, seven 9mm pistols, four vests, radio communication and the ammo for the respective weapons.

Another Costa Rica corrupt act that will go unpunished.  Giving more police the green light to do the same thing.

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