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CR Playa Hermosa July 30th Surf Report &Video

Costa Rica Surf Report July 30th, 2013 – The Costa Rican Times is entering surf reporting for everyone that want’s to experience one of the best surf destinations in the world. We are starting with Playa Hermosa.  We will give a daily forecast  a day in advance and a video from the morning sets. 

Costa Rica’s Playa Hermosa  7km long black sand beach break at Hermosa is another version of Mexico’s Puerto Escondido with less shore break drama but enough power and rips to scare on double overhead days when closeouts rule. Ultra reliable, favors high tides.

TUESDAY: Holding SW-SSW swell; Occasional larger sets for select magnetsDSC_0010

WEATHER/WIND: Look for calm to light/variable offshore wind for the early mornings, with a moderate onshore SW-WSW sea breeze developing over the mid to late mornings and into each afternoon. Northernmost CR will see light to moderate offshores in the mornings. NOTE – Passing or nearby showers and thunderstorms can temporarily affect/change local wind conditions. 

Tuesday’s Costa Rica Surf Forecast – July 30th 2013

Wave Height – 1.8-3.1m+ – head high + to double overhead occ. 3.7m

Detailed Forecast – Holding SW-SSW swell; Occasional larger sets for select magnets

Costa Rica Tides, Sunrise, Sunset Times – July 30th, 2013

Low Tide – 2:04AM 0.4m
High Tide – 8:27AM 2.6m
Low Tide – 2:46PM 0.4m
High Tide – 8:57PM 2.3m

First Light – 5:05AM
Sunrise – 5:27AM
Sunset – 6:02PM
Last Light – 6:24PM

Daily Photos from

July 29th, 2013 Surf Video Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

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