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Costa Rica Picture of the Day – Palm Tree

Costa Rica Picture of the Day  – Each day the Costa Rican Times will be including a picture from around Costa Rica to see the natural beauty and amazing things that we get to see each day in the land of the Pura Vida.

What better way to enjoy a vacation than under a palm tree next to the beach. Costa Rica is surrounded by palm trees for as far as you can see.

Two thirds of palm trees can be found in tropical forests and there are several types. Some are very tall while others are short and they are part of the Palmae family. Their green leaves make them unique and easy to identify.

Palm trees are a tropical symbol.

Apart from using the palm trees for their coconuts, people have learned to make palm oil and wine in different parts of the world.

The picture below was submitted by Mari Rodriguez, if you want pictures from Mari, feel free to write to contact her.

Playa Hermosa Manzanillo Santa Teresa costaricantimes

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