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Costa Rica Picture of the Day – Horse & Scooter

Costa Rica Picture of the Day  – Each day the Costa Rican Times will be including a picture from around Costa Rica to see the natural beauty and amazing things that we get to see each day in the land of the Pura Vida.

Costa Rica is has an amazing culture and the people that make up the population are wonderful to interact with to find out more about them.

Some times just watching the quirks of the locals can be an adventure. Here is a little story from Scott.

So today I took a bike ride through the mountains and over to Hermosa. It’s so dry now. The road is dust, the streams are dry. I’m ready for rainy season!!!

I took that beautiful scenic route back when I happen to run across this wonderful scene coming onto the highway just as I passed by. I raced ahead so I could get a shot, dumped the bike, pulled out the camera and they were already upon me. Guy on a scooter pulling his horse. Awesome.

Photo courtesy of Scott Alexander/Pura Vida Fotos. For more of his work visit

Scott Alexander Photography, Costa Rica

scott alexander horse and scooter

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